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Southern NHS Trust Case Study

Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd were approached by a leading Southern NHS Trust to design a new clean steam sterilizer Reverse Osmosis plant to replace an antiquated system in 2018.

It was critical that the existing system was maintained and kept operational whilst the new installation was built alongside to ensure a seamless changeover. It was imperative that there were no prolonged periods of operational downtime.


Southern NHS Trust: The Project

Altogether, the project specification was to design, supply, install and commission a complete duplex reverse osmosis system. Accordingly, the system needed to be integrated into the existing downstream services which serve the sterilizers. Meanwhile, the existing RO was serving the department. Additionally, we continued to maintain and service the old system.

Thereupon, the new system was designed as a self-contained unit which enabled our engineers to fully wet test. This was as a part of the HTM validation process offering a significant increase in the production capabilities.


Once the plant was settled, Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd took samples in line with the HTM01-01 specification and transferred these samples to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for full microbial analysis. Ensuring that there was no interruption to the department was essential.

During the above period, the hospital continued to operate on its old reverse osmosis system

After successful completion of the UKAS accredited laboratory HTM01-01 sampling to confirm that our new unit was within the required specifications, a simple changeover in supply from the old, outdated units to the newly accredited systems took place.

The new units provided greater room for manoeuvre with higher reverse osmosis production flow rates.

As specified by the hospital, we undertook the final steps of the installation by working to incorporate the second system. A full HTM01-01 analysis was then performed on the second unit, it was confirmed that the new system was operating within the required specification.


System Commissioning

One unit was approved and placed into operation initially. The production rates of this unit alone were able to fulfil the pure water production requirements for the department on their own.

The second system was then commissioned into service and the old reverse osmosis system was shut down and removed from site.

Up to 99.2% of the incoming total dissolved solids could now be removed with this newly integrated system.


Management Team Feedback

Here are the closing comments we received from the Management Team:


“I’ve worked with one of the largest water treatment companies before, but I have never experienced this amazing level of customer service.”


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