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High Flow Rate Capabilities from Commercial Growing RO Systems

Specifically engineered Commercial Growing RO Systems are fantastic for water treatment. Unquestionably, there is a wide-ranging set of end use applications for this technology in commercial growing. Significantly, these commercial units process vast amounts of water, making them the ideal solution in agriculture, horticulture, and commercial growing.

Subsequently, there is a requirement for pure water that is free from contaminants commonly found from the incoming water supply. As an illustration, this includes Calcium, Chlorine, Lead, Magnesium, Mercury and other Volatile Organic Compounds and Minerals. Generally, the incoming water supply is water drawn from a bore hole extraction or a towns mains water supply.

By and large, growing plants in large quantities creates a pressing need for better water quality. Conversely, untreated water which contains contaminants can interfere with fertilizers that are being used. In this situation, the contamination can affect growth rates, the yields health and even the appearance and overall product quality. In fact, more labour can be created with mineral deposits appearing on the final product that require additional washing.

Without doubt, the removal of Chlorine and Chloramines typically found in towns mains treated water is critical. The chemically treated water can harm beneficial microorganisms, microbes and insects that reside in the substrates. Substrates that are typically comprised of  clay, compost, peat, or soil.

In essence, Calcium, Chloramines and Magnesium do not make up the ideal feed water for plants.

In fact, when combined, the most compelling evidence suggests that they inhibit the growth and reproduction of plants. Plants, succulents and botanicals which have a heightened sensitivity to water quality, like Orchids and Bonsais are the worst affected.

The Solution

All Reverse Osmosis systems produce permeate water (purified water) and concentrate water (rejected water). The concentrate water that has been rejected in the reverse osmosis process can be reprocessed back through the RO membranes in most cases, often this is referred to as recirculation. Commercial Growing RO Systems can incorporate recirculation (reverse ratio) technology through reprocessing the concentrate, in turn creating less waste water to go to drain. Commercial RO units become more efficient the higher the volume and the flow rate. From a financial and ecological standpoint this is important.

High volumes of water (m3 per day) are expected with these commercial units, making them suitable for commercial growing. The commercial systems are designed to cater towards a requirement for hundreds of thousands of plants. These larger Reverse Osmosis units have much higher daily capacities than what you would expect with a domestic system, which often means less discharge water versus permeate water is produced through the filtration process. More technology and capabilities are built into the larger systems.

Efficiency ratios can be further improved. Establishing a certain feed water quality before RO processing by implementing proper pre-treatment methods, such as softening vessels, can improve the quantity of permeate water further.


Find Out More

We manufacture and stock a wide range of units to meet all commercial grow houses that can meet  their exact flow rates and requirements. As an example, are larger units are able to supply over 50,000 litres per day. We pride ourselves on our bespoke configurations that are tailored to meet the requirements of each of the industries that we work with.

Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd are a leading water treatment plant manufacturer. We are leading Commercial Water Softener Plant manufacturers and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant manufacturers.

We provide a 1st class installation and maintenance services on our own equipment as well as other manufacturers equipment. Our industry expertise and customer focused approach provide you with the best customer support possible and the service your company deserves.

Contact us to find out which Commercial Reverse Osmosis Unit best suits your application.

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