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Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd offers a wide range of reverse osmosis plant to the printing industry.

The main ingredient within a dampening solution is water. Printers are more than aware of the affect poor water quality can have on the overall appearance of the final printed product.

By installation of a reverse osmosis plant printers enjoy a good consistent level of purified water which ensures that the dampening solution (Reverse Osmosis Water) is matched to the printing process right from the start. Not only does this improve the quality of the finished product it also reduces the amount of alcohol and additives used in the production process therefore reducing overall cost.

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How does Reverse Osmosis work?

Reverse Osmosis is a high-pressure water process which forces water to be treated through a semi permeable reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane has two outlet channels. One being the permeate water (Purified) which passes the heavily filtered water onto the point of use application. This purified water typically has around 98% of the incoming contaminants removed, such as dissolved salts, bacteria, organics and pyrogens. The other outlet is where the rejected water (Concentrate) is sent directly to drain, or in some cases this concentrate water can be re-circulated back to the front of the reverse osmosis plant and re-processed to reduce water wastage.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis water systems

  • Improved dampening solution
  • A consistent grade of purified water
  • Improved quality of printing work
  • Reduced alcohol and additive cost