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Distillery Systems

Over the years Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd has worked at various production facilities in the beverage market. Distilleries who have a requirement for a good grade of pure water to assist with their production processes.

We have supplied and maintained various reverse osmosis plant which is used to dilute spirits to the required strength. When diluted with pure water the final product does not look cloudy and therefore the spirit presentation is not compromised.

We have assisted clients who were typically seeing  poor results whilst using very basic filtration processes for alcohol dilution. After a site meeting our team we can build a bespoke installation proposal to suit the needs of each individual production facility.

The result is an instant improvement for the production facility who then enjoy a consistent grade of pure water for their process.

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How does Reverse Osmosis work?

Reverse Osmosis is a high-pressure water process which forces water to be treated through a semi permeable reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane has two outlet channels. One being the permeate water (Purified) which passes the heavily filtered water onto the point of use application. This purified water typically has around 98% of the incoming contaminants removed, such as dissolved salts, bacteria, organics and pyrogens. The other outlet is where the rejected water (Concentrate) is sent directly to drain, or in some cases this concentrate water can be re-circulated back to the front of the reverse osmosis plant and re-processed to reduce water wastage.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis water systems

  • Improved taste of final product
  • A consistent grade of purified water
  • Elimination of cloudy spirits through poor filtration processes