Legionella Awareness Training Courses

Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd offer Legionella Awareness Training Courses. Foundation Legionella Training Courses and Advanced Legionella Training Courses are available. If there are specific requirements, a bespoke solution can be arranged. 

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Legionella responsible person training

The Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd Legionella Awareness Training Courses are recommended training for the water responsible person on site. Altogether, it is available to other members of staff. Especially in the case where on site temperature testing takes place.

Above all, these courses have a carefully designed syllabus specifically tailored to different working environments. The courses are intended for all members of staff on your site who are involved in water safety. Managers and Water Responsible personnel alike. The courses are hands on and are conducted and delivered on site. This is so working examples can be demonstrated and relevant questions can be asked by employees.

Our foundation course is applicable to the majority of businesses. We do offer advanced courses and bespoke courses for businesses with particular requirements. Sites which have Cooling Towers for example, require more specialised and specific training.

Legionella Awareness Training Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Legionnaires Disease, including case studies of historical outbreaks and discussing the symptoms and social aspects of the disease.
  • A look at Legionella Pneumophila.
  • Basic Water Chemistry and Identification of Risk Systems.
  • Legislative framework of HSE ACOP L8 and the requirements of the Responsible Person.
  • Legionella control within domestic water services (HSG274 Part 2).

A short multiple-choice test is carried out upon completion of the course and certificates are awarded to successful delegates.

Please note that the course is conducted using PowerPoint. Therefore, it is usually necessary to have access to a projector or AV screen to conduct the course. If this is not available, please inform us in advance.

Legionella Training Course conclusion

There is no limit to the number of delegates which can attend. This is providing that the venue is of sufficient size to accommodate the course.

In addition to the training, your company will be awarded a certification upon successful completion of the course. Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd attend and conduct foundation courses on Legionella for hot and cold water services. Please contact us for the price structure of our in-depth Legionella Awareness Training Courses.

Fully accredited legionella training delivered by industry experts

All our courses are performed by highly trained, accredited and experienced legionella and water safety experts who will provide you with a highly effective and engaging learning experience so you have a full understanding of the legal side of water management including ACoP L8 Compliance, HSG 274 Guidance and HTM 04 – 01.

World-class Legionella Awareness Training Solutions

  • Relevant Legionella Training For Staff & The Water Responsible Person On Site

  • Foundation Legionella Training Courses Available

  • Advanced Legionella Training Courses Available

  • Bespoke Legionella Training tailored to meet your needs

  • Water Safety in Healthcare environments

  • ACOP L8 Legionella Awareness Training

  • Legislative framework of HSE ACOP L8 and HTM 04 – 01

Legionella Awareness Training Courses