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High Flow Rate Capabilities for Glass Manufacturing

Chiefly, Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd specialise in a wide range of Reverse Osmosis and Water Softening plants. Overall, we are a leading UK based manufacturer and service provider who specialise in units tailor made for Glass Manufacturing.

Specifically, we manufacture our own range of reverse osmosis and water softening systems. These systems are a bespoke design tailored to serving the requirements in the glass manufacturing industry. Moreover, we also maintain other manufacturers reverse osmosis and water softening plants.

Subsequently, our extensive industry knowledge enables us to assist and advise the Production Manager or Quality Assurance Manager personnel. To that end, we understand how important it is to improve production efficiencies on site within the glass manufacturing facility.

Without a doubt, a high grade of pure water is a necessity when manufacturing sealed units. The internal surface of the glass must be devoid of staining or scaling in order to meet quality assurance standards.

The Solution

In essence, it is pivotal that purified water is utilised in the production processes in glass manufacturing to minimise wastage. Internal surfaces that are damaged or that have misting are considered to be an irreversible fault. Therefore, it is extremely important that these faults are minimised to keep production costs low and quality standards high.

Markedly, we have created some substantial savings for our customers for the planned servicing and breakdown support on their systems. Equally, we achieve this without any compromise to service levels. Furthermore, our clients have seen considerably improved service levels due to our accountability and transparency as a service provider. Thereupon, we have written testimonials from a number of these clients in the glass manufacturing sector.

Our service contracts include all the planned labour and consumables which are sufficient to run the plant for a 12-month period. Altogether, there are no hidden extras in our planned service contracts. Consequently, this helps you from a budgeting point of view.


Find Out More

We manufacture and stock a wide range of units to meet glass manufacturers exacting flow rate requirements. As an example, are larger units are able to supply over 50,000 litres per day. We pride ourselves on our bespoke configurations that are tailored to meet the requirements of each of the industries that we work with.

Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd are a leading water treatment plant manufacturer. We are leading Commercial Water Softener Plant manufacturers and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant manufacturers.

We provide a 1st class installation and maintenance services on our own equipment as well as other manufacturers equipment. Our industry expertise and customer focused approach provide you with the best customer support possible and the service your company deserves.

Contact us to find out which Commercial Reverse Osmosis Unit best suits your application.

Call us to consult with an expert today! For a competitive quotation, call us on 01622 871 877.

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