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Leading Private Hospital Case Study

During January 2020 Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd was given the opportunity to quote for a replacement reverse osmosis plant. This opportunity was for a leading private healthcare facility located in the South East.

Our company was approached since we had completed a similar plant installation at a nearby hospital the year beforehand. In this case, the Head of Estates at the private hospital had the opportunity to see our work first hand.

Initially impressed with the high level of installation work and expertise our company could deliver, he contacted us.


The Project

The project specification was to design, supply, install and commission a complete reverse osmosis system. Above all. The system needed to be able to supply three sterile services washer disinfectors and three sterilizers with purified water. To that end, the system had to meet the current HTM0101 specification.

We were conscious that this was a fully operational private hospital. We had to be sure that during our installation, we were not going to interrupt the running of the sterile services department. Therefore, we needed to ensure that the existing reverse osmosis plant was always kept operational.


The Design

At this point, we designed the system so that it could be dry installed alongside the existing reverse osmosis plant. Our engineers installed a 316 stainless steel orbitally welded ringmain. Furthermore, we worked to re-circulate the purified water from the 1,200 litre treated water tank to the six point of use outlets within the hospital.

To always ensure a consistent supply, the new system was designed in a duplex configuration. Were one of the reverse osmosis systems to go out of operation for any reason, the other system would continue to serve the hospital with purified water.

We also gave some consideration to the heat source for the system. Its primary heat source is steam, which is fed by the hospitals main steam supply. However, steam supplies can be temperamental on occasions. Therefore, it was equally important that we also installed an18Kw electric immersion heater.  which can be switched on and controlled by the central control panel.

The complete system is controlled by a central control panel mounted in the plantroom. The panel displays the quality of the water within the treated water tank which serves the washers and sterilizers. There are a series of alarms, operational lights and switches in the panel which have been designed with the end user in mind. The panel provides clear, concise information to the status of the plant operation in real-time. We also installed a remote alarm panel in the washroom below. This was so that should there be any issues with the system, the operatives are instantly made aware.


Once the installation was complete samples were taken from the system and transferred to a UKAS accredited laboratory for a full HTM0101 analysis.

During the above period, the hospital continued to operate on its old reverse osmosis system.

Upon completion of full HTM0101 analysis, it was confirmed that the new system was operating within the required specification.


System Commissioning

The system was then commissioned into service and the old reverse osmosis system was shut down and removed from site.

During the whole installation, the hospital ran without any interruption to their sterile services re-processing facility.


Find Out More

Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd specialise in water treatment and process filtration. We work across multiple sectors, including healthcare, providing water processing solutions.

Interested in finding out more about the services we provide within the healthcare sector?

Find more information here: https://puretechsystems.co.uk/healthcare/

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