The Commercial Boiler: How To Reduce Your Commercial Heating Costs

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The Commercial Boiler: Reduce Your Commercial Heating Costs

The Commercial Boiler is an integral piece of equipment in the industrial setting. It is of paramount importance that with rising utility bills and no price caps currently in place to protect commercial enterprises that Energy and Facilities Managers are looking towards alternate solutions to reduce energy costs.

It is essential to ensure the water feeding your boiler is of good quality to avoid boiler inefficiency.

Continuously using a boiler with poor feedwater quality will inevitably reduce its efficiency. Inefficient boilers increase operational costs due to higher gas or electric consumption. Maintenance is required more frequently.

Calcium and Magnesium deposits cause scaling on the heating element in the boiler reducing the heat transfer efficiency. They also cause internal furring of the boiler pipework which inhibits performance and can cause failure.

The Solution – Commercial Water Softeners

By investing in a water softener you considerably reduce the risk of the above. Eliminating scaling results in lower operational costs, fewer breakdowns and saves you time and money.

Water is highly corrosive when it is not treated. It is responsible for a large proportion of boiler maintenance related problems. Degradation of the boiler occurs when scale and deposits build up and cause irreversible damage to the boiler.

Water softeners are a proven technology providing a consistent supply of softened water to the boiler.


Conclusion – Protect Your Commercial Boiler With Softened Water

A duplex water softener system is the ideal solution for a commercial boiler / steam boiler as it can ensure optimum boiler performance 24 hours a day.

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