Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems

Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd is proud to present cutting edge Reverse Osmosis technology for the domestic market.  Our Domestic Reverse Osmosis System provides high quality water purification at home.

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The Solution

The Puretech Domestic Reverse Osmosis System. Altogether, this is a state-of-the-art compact water purification system which has been carefully designed to fit into most domestic and small commercial applications. Chiefly, it achieves this through a well engineered 4-stage filtration process which also utilises UV disinfection.

Our system can purify up to 20 liters per hour of normal incoming towns mains water. For instance, this is achieved by considering the incoming feedwater quality and flow rates. After that, the focus is on removing high counts of total dissolved solids in the drinking water. There are many benefits of purifying your incoming towns mains water, here are just a few:

  • No further requirement to buy bottled water therefore reducing plastic waste and saving money
  • Improved taste and appearance when compared with normal towns mains water (Improves the taste of tea and coffee)
  • Removal of chemicals used to treat normal incoming towns mains water
  • Purified water with low mineral content especially benefiting people with low sodium diets
  • Stimulates elimination of toxins and assists with digestion.

Once purified the water is stored in the units on board 5-liter BPA free storage tank. The tank has an in-built ultra-violet lamp which helps to keep the newly purified water bacteria free.

The purified water is then drawn from the system via its surface mounted dispense tap which can easily be installed into most kitchen type worktops.

Our system can link into smartphones via our IOS / Play Store app. Via the app, the system is able to advise of its current status and inform of when any filters require changing or identify any operational issues.


In addition to improving the taste of your domestic water supply, this system removes hazardous chemicals and bacteria. The system rebalances the pH level of the water and the re-mineralisation is applied with a post filter process. A mixture of natural plant based calcium and magnesium is added.

Above all, we understand that investing in a domestic reverse osmosis system is a health conscious decision. High quality water with improved taste results in less plastic wastage from buying bottled water. All our systems come with a BPA free 100% recycled water bottle.

Our System

How does Reverse Osmosis work?

Reverse Osmosis is a high-pressure water process which forces water to be treated through a semi permeable reverse osmosis membrane. So, the membrane has two outlet channels. One being the permeate water (Purified) which passes the heavily filtered water onto the point of use application. This purified water typically has around 98% of the incoming contaminants removed, such as dissolved salts, bacteria, organics and pyrogens.

On the other hand, the other outlet is where the rejected water (Concentrate) is sent directly to drain.

In some cases, this concentrate water can be re-circulated back to the front of the reverse osmosis plant and re-processed. In conclusion, this particular process can significantly reduce water wastage.


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Chiefly, Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd specialise in water treatment and process filtration. Consequently, Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd work across multiple sectors providing water processing solutions.

Interested? Find out more about reverse osmosis systems with Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd.

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Benefits of Domestic Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

  • Bluetooth connectivity. You are able to monitor the RO system via our app.
  • Our system adds a natural plant based mixture of calcium and magnesium to perfectly balance the water
  • A clean, crisp and clearer looking water
  • Save money and reduce plastic waste
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