Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd was formed in 2012 by our managing director Paul Godfrey. Paul has worked in the water treatment industry for almost 20 years. Starting out with industrial chemistry in the late 90s and then moving onto water purification plant such as chlorine dioxide and reverse osmosis technologies in 2002.

10 years were then spent working for some of the market leaders within their respective sectors up to the point where in 2012 Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd was formed.

From what started out as a small service business maintaining various manufactures reverse osmosis and water softening plant the company has grown to what it is today where we have our own manufacturing partners and have carried out numerous installations of reverse osmosis and water softening plant across many industries.

Although the company has grown considerably since its launch we have never lost focus on what is one of the most important qualities of a service business and that is to deliver excellent customer service. Due to the fact we hold this quality in such high regard we are pleased to confirm that many of our original customers are still working with us to this day. In fact, they also recommend us to many of their industry contacts which has also helped to bring further growth to the company.

As an organisation we draw on well over 50 years’ experience within the water purification industry.

Through our in-house team we design many bespoke reverse osmosis and water softener systems to serve various applications. Systems range from a small benchtop laboratory reverse osmosis plant right through to a large central system serving multiple outlets.

Once installed we also maintain reverse osmosis and water softening plant. This can be anything from our own plant through to other manufactures systems.